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With over a decade of aerospace success, we are now bringing
space-age solutions to the people who need them the most.

Our management team has both Fortune-500 and entrepreneurial backgrounds in the high-tech commercial aerospace field.  Our founder and CEO is George Weischadle, a pioneer in commercial satellite networks who worked on America's first satellite network, WESTAR, and Asia's first satellite network, PALAPA.   He founded Sattel Technologies, a company that for 15 years designed and manufactured telecommunication products that have been installed by the thousands worldwide. 

Our accomplishments include some industry firsts: the first digitally-implemented Intelsat Super-VISTA satellite modem; the first commercial implementation of European GSM standards on satellite links; and the largest, highest-performance demand assignment multiple access public telecommunications system of its time, interconnecting multiple countries with different public telephone network signaling standards. 

Customer Product
Australia, Perth SCPC-DAMA international gateway, Indian Ocean Region
Australia, Sydney SCPC-DAMA international gateway, Pacific Ocean Region
China Local telephone exchanges and remote concentrators
C.I.S., Moscow PSTN earth terminal, international
Cook Islands PSTN earth terminals, domestic, solar-powered
Fiji PSTN earth terminal, international
Guatemala SCPC-DAMA domestic satellite network serving 150 cities
Indonesia SCPC-DAMA regional public network serving 300+ cities
Indonesia SCPC-DAMA regional private network for S.E. Asia
Indonesia Local telephone exchanges
Kazahkstan PSTN earth terminal, international
Kiribati PSTN earth terminals, domestic and international
Marshall Islands PSTN earth terminals, domestic
Nauru PSTN earth terminals, international
New Zealand PSTN earth terminals, international
Nigeria SCPC satellite terminal network, domestic
Niue PSTN satellite terminal, international
Philippines Local PSTN telephone exchanges
Sakhalin Island PSTN satellite terminal, international
Syria PSTN tandem telephone exchange
Taiwan Local and tandem PSTN telephone exchanges
U.S.A. Local and tandem PSTN telephone exchanges
Western Samoa PSTN satellite terminal, international

PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network
SCPC = Single Channel per Carrier
DAMA = Demand Assignment Multiple Access

Sattel Technologies made history when it purchased an in-orbit telecommunications satellite, brought it back to Earth on the Space Shuttle, then refurbished and relaunched it to become the world's first reconditioned satellite in space, where it continues to operate today.  Palapa B2-R, as it was named, has a unique history in other ways, as well.

Sattel's advanced know-how is now being applied to new-generation products in the field of personal security.  We are proud to be able to benefit society by helping to protect the safety of those who deserve protection the most.

By leveraging our expertise in RF engineering and digital signal processing we are making our newest product, SafeLink, a reality.  The SafeLink wireless security system will provide pervasive metropolitan area personal protection both indoors and out to help keep families connected and secure.  A "wireless lifeline", SafeLink will afford parents and caregivers the ability to locate their young children and other at-risk persons whenever desired, whether they are across the street or across town, even if they are unable to assist others to locate them.  No such system exists today, and one can think of few needs that are more important to our society.

Thank you for your interest in SafeLink.  As we progress we will post updates to our Web site.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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